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Center for Advanced Separation Technologies: Affiliate Programs

Industry Affiliate Program

This program is designed to foster strong industry participation. Companies acquire Affiliate Memberships with nominal fee payments. This will give them access to all of the non-proprietary information generated at CAST. There will be two levels of fee payment. At Level I, the company will have access to all of the non-proprietary information. In addition, the company can send a limited number of its employees to the annual workshops organized by CAST with no registration fee. At Level II, the company will also have a limited access to the research facilities at CAST.

Cooperative R&D Program

A group of universities participating in the Consortium will identify a common industrial problem and organize a cooperative R&D project. Companies shall pay at least 50% of the project costs, with the participating universities paying for rest from the Consortium funds available to them. This program will allow the best available talents to solve specific industrial problems.

Contact Information

Parties interested in the CAST Industrial Programs should contact the Industrial Programs Manager for more information.